Consistency Nature

Silent Thalia

The final Consistency Nature record


This final CN collection is a remastered anthology of 7 years of Christopher Arnett’s musical endeavors, performed and released under the nom de plume Dishdawash, comprising over 7 hours of media. Collection includes previously released tracks, longform collages of obscure tracks, hi fidelity versions of tracks originally lobit, original tracks and three music videos featuring butoh dance by Arnett, one edited and organized by the incredible Cesar Naves.

An hour of music off of “Silent Thalia” was recently aired on the Los Angeles Radio Station kchung. Here is the archived segment, featuring the tracks “Erosion Without Friction (Remix)” and “Solipsistic Domicile”. LISTEN NOW


The Labels That Have Released Consistency Nature…

Effluvia Recordings — Proc Records — 4m@ — Burial Recordings — SP Net — JustWALLit — 20 kbps — Abandonment — Smell The StenchOH BLEEP RECORDS — Genetic Trance — Default Recordings —  Laptop Hooligans — Very Nice Noise — Sirona Records — 8 Ravens — Microbit Records — Rejected Netlabel — Sphicot Records — Plunk Noise — Top Of The Flops — Diskette Etikette — Twilight Luggage — Treetrunk Records — Lava Church — slogre records — THAROOP RECORDS — Devil Noise Records — Bruits Netlabel — Minimism Records — Altered State Reflections — TRASHFUCK records — Flaccid Plastic — Unicode Music

The Artist That Have Collaborated or Split With Consistency Nature…

PolluxCovoluxKai NobukoRainbow ValleyIlluminoscillateFlat Affect — Sean Derrick Cooper MarquardtAlex IschenkauDistant Trains — Thomas BaragonaPloofGraffiti MechanismAbsolute Zerod0x10Calypso BizaarRosendo J. RochaPulveratriciousSilly GooseNuno MaltezRedSKIrrlicht Project — Ganglion Cyst