Sirona-Records: The 3 Year Anniversary Compilation

Contains the previously released tracks “Franziskaner” (collaboration with M.Nomized) and “Basking In Atrophy”.


Music for Mental Health (Compiled by SPnetlabel)

Consistency Nature is track 2: “Faustus Looks Unto His Homunculus. You Look Back Unto Faustus”


4:00 (Compiled by Sirona Records)

Contains the original CN track “Oh So Azure”, track six on disk two.


Meaningful Autonomy (compiled by Laptop Hooligans)

Contains the original CN track “youturntheinvisiblebardokey.Theblackdoorknobofsamsaraappearsaroundit,convulsing&welcomingyoutoeternity”, track 06.


The Olfactory Bulb (Effluvia Recordings)

Eclectic compilation put together by Dishdawash for the 100th release of his Effluvia Recordings.

Album Artwork

The Slaying Scythe of Rhea Kronia Was the Crescent Moon (Effluvia Recordings)

Longform lobit ambient/noise/minimal compilation organized by Dishdawash for his Effluvia Recordings. Consistency Nature and Dishdawash found throughout, including compilations with Silly Goose, Calypso Bizaar, Covolux as well as the solo track “Running From the Waning Mono”


Sincerity is the Key (Sirona Records)

Huge Sirona compilation containing the live CN track “Prophetic Dream Laced With Chamomile” track 12 on CD 5


2 (Laptop Hooligans & Cubiculo Noise Recordings)

Contains the collaborative track between CN and Redsk “Laptop Smashing Cavalcade”, track 19


Mandarin Projet 2 (Genetic Trance)

Contains CN original track “Mimetic Strain” track number 39

We Are Trash & So Can You

We Are Trash and So Can You (Trashfuck Records)

Massive compilation including the short CN original noise track “Waking Up in a Pit of Ferocious Lions”, track 132.

Flaccid Plastic Records - Quinceañera Volume 3 - cover

Quinceanera Volume 3 (Flaccid Plastic Records)

Includes the CN track “Eclipsed by a Man Who Smudges You”, track 5


Laptop Hooligans VS. Effluvia Recordings

Includes the CN track “Ethereal Hullabaloo”, originally released on the solo album “Vairocana Periphery”.

Lo Stroma Artwork

Lo Stroma (OH BLEEP records)

Lo-bit compilation organized by Dishdawash. Includes collaborations with Thomas Baragona, Covolux, Calypso Bizaar and the solo track “Low is the Stroma”.


Boxing Day Special (lpnl net label, Genetic Trance, Laptop Hooligans)

Contains the original CN track “Share my Shivers”, track 1


VZIEL Anniversary Lo-Bit Party (Genetic Trance)

Contains the original CN lo-bit track “Bees Splat Against the Blue Sky, track 13


IRON4 (Sirona Records)

Compilation includes original CN track “Basking In Atrophy”, track 29.



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