Consistency Nature is the brainchild of Christopher Arnett, who was operating during CN’s lifetime under the name Dishdawash. Dishdawash was also the sole curator for and founder of Effluvia Recordings, a netlabel bringing a wide variety of subversive and banished media to the people, all for free. The majority of Consistency Nature has been made available on netlabels for free download, but physical formats have included CDs, cassettes, microcassettes and floppy disks. Consistency Nature has over 40 solo albums and singles to it’s name, and just as many collaborative projects. Artists Consistency Nature has worked with include Pollux, Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, Vomir, Toxic Chicken, Ars Sonor, Illuminoscillate, Ploof, Swin Deorin, Rainbow Valley, D0x10 and many others. Along with Consistency Nature, Dishdawash participated in a short-lived psychedelic lo-fi noise trio Discombobulated Gringo Post People (with Ploof and Calypso Bizaar), as well as a noise/punk duo The Motherfuckeroos (With Saren Meserkhani). Cn had briefly a power electronics/harsh noise/HNW side project called “Absolute Zero”, ascribed falsely to the late Gus Remolten, whose death was the center of CN’s darkest full solo album “Threnody For Gus Remolten”.

Due to particularly profound experiences  had while travelling in India, Nepal and Bangladesh, as well as his discovery and subsequent obsession with Butoh dance studies, it felt right to lay down the guise of Dishdawash, and expand upon what Consistency Nature strove to express. The end of Consistency Nature is not a resignation, it is a metamorphosis.


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